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What is a YouTube Like Bot and subscribe bot?

When your YouTube video has lots of interaction, it is highly promoted by the YouTube algorithm. This means that the most popular videos on YouTube are watched more than any other videos because they are promoted automatically more than any other videos.

This is because YouTube assigns importance to popular videos – if many people have interacted with them, they must be important.
A YouTube like bot will automatically like a video for you, building social signals of interaction, and showing to YouTube that the video is important. A YouTube subscribe bot will subscribe to the channel a video is on, boosting the popularity of that channel.

How does our YouTube Like Bot work?

By simply giving the bot a list of accounts and pointing it to one or more videos, our YouTube bot is ready to go. Choose the action you want the bot to perform – like, dislike, and subscribe – and start it running. The bot runs in a multithreaded mode, meaning several actions happen at once, so it can process a long list quickly.

Build your own video empire

Videos with thousands of likes are more likely to be seen at the top of a YouTube search, and that’s a fact. By using an auto YouTube Like Bot, you can build up the ranking of your videos without having to manually log in to different accounts, or using any other method to boost your channel.
Channels with many subscribers also rank highly, and gain trust from viewers due to their popularity.

What else can it do?

Once set up, the bot can run completely unattended, opening its own browser windows as necessary. It works with multiple Google accounts and can import account and video lists via text files.
Not only can videos be like or disliked, but the bot can be set to YouTube Like Bot, too.

Our automatic Youtube like video and subscribe bot has been built from the beginning to be easy to use, and can easily build your YouTube presence by increasing the social signals related to your videos.

Our Customer Support is top rated

Our YouTube auto subscribe bot is so easy to set up, you should be able to get it running in minutes. However, we offer top rated customer support should you need it. As there are often changes to the YouTube site, we constantly keep the bot updated. As soon as YouTube updates, we do to, and the bot is ready to go within hours.

Our YouTube like bot and subscribe bot is the best on the market, and is designed with you in mind.