YouTube Comment Bot & upvote

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How does it work?

By searching for the keywords that you supply, the YouTube comment bot will automatically find videos to comment on, leaving your text and a link to your site/video/product in clear view for everyone. It’s just that simple.
Importantly, the videos the bot comments on are directly related to the keywords you choose, and so the relevance of your links remains high.

Make an impact on thousands of videos

You might think you’ve seen a YouTube comment bot before, and you’ve paid no attention to it because it didn’t make sense. This is because one of the biggest problems when commenting on a video is needing to come up with something original to say.
Our bot includes an enterprise-level text spinner to turn one comment into hundreds – no need to think of all the variations yourself!

YouTube Upvote Bot

Not only can the YouTube comment bot make comments on videos, it also works as a YouTube comment upvote bot, reply to specific comments (eg first comment, second comment, etc), check for ghosted comments, and works with multiple Google accounts.

Our automatic Youtube comment poster bot has been designed to be easy to use, and once set up can be left running 24/7 to give you the maximum benefit. It works while you sleep to drive traffic to your chosen destination.

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By purchasing this software our team is guaranteed to provide you the best methods to increase your business and gain traffic with the best use.

How to buy cheap accounts with activity

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