YouLikeHits Bot


How to get unlimited points with YouLikehits bot ?

It’s easy and fast with our software to get unlimited points. If you have a lot of Instagram or Twitter accounts you can add them to YouLikeHits Bot. Then the bot will follow users on YouLikeHits.

youlikehits bot

How long bot make 1000 points ?

Not much time about 12 minutes for 1000 points. That said once your account will have followed too much users, it follow small points.

This is for this reason that multi accounts functionality are add. So you will generate a lot of points and you can increase your traffic on your social networks.

YouLikeHits software is fully automated

Once YouLikeHits account add on the software and accounts to following users loaded. Bot automatically automatizes the  task to make points quickly.

If the software YouLikeHits bot connect with an account to follow users does not work, it will ignore and move on to the next.

Is it easy to use our bot ?

Not much to do apart activated your license and click on connection, after which you will have to configure the accounts.

Our support on Facebook or Skype are every day online to finalize your problems or help to resolve with sucess your issues.

But what is the purpose of YouLikeHits ?

Youlikehits is a site for exchanging followers and liker but not just any way, at first you need to earn points and spend your time to like pages…

Then your points you can boost your YouTube channels and your Instagram accounts for example, but many other social networks too

youlikehits bot unlimited poiints