Search Engine Scraper

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What is Google Scraper?

Google Scraper tool may be a desktop code tool that enables you to scrape results from search engines like Google and Bing. it’ll conjointly enable you to see Moz prosecutor and PA for every computer address found if you enter a free Moz API key and might search a vast quantity of keywords. you’ll be able to conjointly export all URL’s that Scraper tool finds. This free code makes gathering URls from Google extraordinarily simple.

Why ought to i take advantage of Google Scraper?

Particularly if you have got tons of or perhaps thousands of search queries you wish to grab the ranking websites for. Then add the time to see Moz stats if required and this could take weeks. Scraper tool will do that in minutes.

How will this code work?

Google Scraper tool merely sends hypertext transfer protocol requests to Google and Bing even as your browser usually would then mechanically parses the response and extracts the URL’s that square measure came back for your search keyword / question.