QQTube who is QQtube ?

QQTube is a seller of products but most of them are bad with bad visonnage and no longer accepts paypal. You thought you were buying quality products, but all is everything comes from China.

Do not try to get a refund, you will not get it, that’s why paypal is not activated…


With QQTube you think buying a good deal, reality you just get the best bad experience with social network. so be careful ! you will probably lose your items afterwards.

Do not forget one thing when a seller does not use paypal is that there are things to blame. QQTube will make you pay by credit card, to be sure you never get your money back. Website is not safe !

Which site to trust so ?

I can only recommend RazorViews, payment by paypal, no scam, and the products are quality for life. Unlike QQtube you will get fast and drop-free delivery

razorviews vs qqtube
QQTube reviews

RazorViews vs QQTube ?

Compare to QQ-tube you can have a faster delivery cheaper and above all without drop of views, payment by paypal only and you will notice a retention of 4min 🙂

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